Isola 2000 - Amazing ski resort by the Mediterranean

When it comes to skiing in Europe, it’s all about the Alps. Isola 2000 Ski Resort is a ski resort nestled in a basin in the southern part of the French Alps Mountains above the quaint town of Isola. It is located near the entrance of the Mercantour National Park, approximately 4 kilometers from the Franco-Italian border and 90 kilometers from Nice in the French Riviera. The Station du Mercantour is one of three ski resorts in the Mercantour National Park. The “2000” part of the name recognizes that it is 2,000 meters above sea level. It also has a resort summit of 2,610 meters. This makes it the highest resort in Alpes-Maritimes which includes Nice, Cannes, Antibes, and Grasse.​

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Isola 2000 is lauded for having excellent ski lifts and skiing opportunities for all performance levels. The average snowfall is 486cm. But if the natural snowfall falls below what is expected, don’t worry, there are 240 snow cannons on stand-by to give you the snow experience that you desire. Isola 2000 is open approximately 150 days a year between November and April.

Isola 2000 also welcomes snowboarders. In fact, it is the home of France’s first formal snowboard organization. It offers 45 alpine ski slopes and 120 km of green, black, red and blue runs to accommodate skiers of all levels. It also has 2 cable cars, 10 T-bar lifts, 9 chairlifts and 1 funicular. If you’re a snowboarder, not to worry—there are several “snowboard-friendly” facilities and lifts to accommodate you.

There are also daily activities such as mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing, games, tournaments, concerts and shows for the kids. 

Isola 2000 also has everything that a snow recreationalist needs in its shopping arcade which houses shops, mini-markets, a movie theatre, restaurants and bars. You can also find the tourist bureau there. It has a “ski-in ski-out” concept where you can ski to and from the arcade and resort. 

If you want to take a break from skiing, there are plenty of other places to visit in Isola 2000. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a guided snowshoe walk or even take a course at an ice driving school. You can view documentaries or the most recent movies at the Cinema Le Club 2000 d’Isola. You can go snowmobiling and experience incredible views as you glide over Isola 2000’s trails and landscapes. Of course, a tour guide will lead you day or night. This activity is also family friendly. Spa des Temps offers all types of “well-being” and beauty techniques that allow you to feel relaxed yet renewed. Like restaurants, the spa offers treatments that follow the seasons. In their cabins, you can get wraps, massages and scrubs that give you attention all over. The Aquavallée is an aquatic center that has a 30m slide, baby pools, a competition-size pool, heated pool, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room. The experience is completed with awesome waterfalls. You can also get your cardio and resistance exercises on in the gym. 

The Ice Circuit is the home of the Andros Trophy, which is considered to be one of the best known ice races. It’s at 2000 meters altitude and it is 800 meters long. You can race through ice and snow in your kart or car. How exhilarating! The protruding walkway at Sisteron will give you an incredible view of the seashore of Nice and Mercantor’s mountains that will give you a whole new lease on life. You can also walk 17 km down the “hill” and visit Isola 2000’s namesake. Isola is a picturesque village that has churches dating back to the 1700s, also bells, paintings and altars dating back to the 12th century. You can experience the best of ancient and modern worlds while visiting Isola 2000.

Although Isola 2000 is considered to be somewhat remote, there are still various ways to get there, and the closest and most convenient option is Nice. From here, the coach station, airport and train stations are 90 km away. There’s another station in Marseille, 280 km away and one in Cannes, 120 km away. If you want to drive from Nice to Isola 2000 in just 90 minutes, there are plenty of options for a car rental in the French Riviera. Airport car rental is available so that you can reach Isola 2000 by car from Turin, Cannes, Nice, and Cuneo airports. 

Since the altitude allows warm and cold climates, you can spend one day hiking in the foothills of the Alps and then ski in Isola 2000 the next day. There are great adventure trips packages that allow you to do just that. You can purchase “ski and stay” tour packages which include lift ticket discounts, spa rentals, equipment rentals, and hotel deals. If you want to travel by helicopter, you can choose from 4 companies between Nice, Cannes and Monaco. Private helicopter tours prices vary from 350€ to 375€ per person for a same day round trip. 

As for the best places in Isola 2000, the Chalet Marano Restaurant &Spa offers incredible views and has been highly rated by tourists. Le Lodge Isola 2000 is a bed and breakfast where you can sleep just 300 meters away from the ski slopes. This is a favorite of bikers and hikers. Les terrasses d’azur is located in the Provence - Alpes - Côte d'Azur region and has great mountain views. Their “suites” come with at least 2 bedrooms, skiing, hiking and bike rental accessibility. Hotel Le Druos comes in next and has “ski to door” accessibility and is known for having great mountain views and cozy wooden furniture which enhances its ambience. 

With all the exciting activities available and the gorgeous slopes outside, you probably won’t be spending too much time in your room. But it is always nice to have a beautiful place to come “home” to at the end of the day.

Live the experience!

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