Monaco - The crown jewel of Cote d'Azur

The graceful and glittery Monaco, with the sea scenery, the medieval constructions and the luxurious streets is situated on the French Riviera. This tiny royal principality, with less than two square kilometers, attracts visitors like a magnet and offers unforgettable memories. The French like to call it Le Rocher which means The Rock, but it's formerly named as the Principality of Monaco. This amazing location is blessed with the natural beauty of the mountains and the sea and there are a lot of things to do in Monaco for you to take into consideration. ​

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Surrounded by raw beauty, Monaco is situated on a high rock called Rock of Monaco, 62 meters above the sea level, with a stunning view over the port. This cliff hosts the old town of Monaco and from this height, you will be able to let the Prince’s Palace enchant you with its beauty. This is where most members of the Grimaldi house lived in, including Prince Albert II de Monaco. Built in the 13th century in a unique and breathtaking position right above the sea, this palace is home to one of the oldest monarchies in history. Each day exactly at 11:55 am, the guard change takes place in front of the palace where you can see the highly trained royal guards give a terrific performance accompanied by the music played glamorously by the orchestra. 

Monaco is a privileged city with wealthy palaces and billionaires with their own private jets. It attracts tourists from all over the world with beautiful sights, stunning shows and festivals. One of the most attractive spots to see first is Monte Carlo. This beautiful quarter with the most extravagant looks and glamorous atmosphere is the dream world for lovers of the high-class lifestyle. The opera house, the fine dining restaurants, the most expensive fashionable shopping streets, and finally, the Casino of Monte Carlo. These are the best places in Monte Carlo that you will surely want to see while visiting Monaco. 

Being the wealthiest district in the State of Monaco, it is more likely to attract rich and famous people. For sure, Monte Carlo is no place for low-profile people, so be ready to be treated like royalty! 

Another interesting spot you can visit is the Cathedral, built in the Roman-Byzantine style with white stones imported from the nearby city called La Turbie. This outstanding construction is one of the symbols of Monaco. Offering religious services as well as holy music shows, the building opens its doors for visitors from September to July.  

If you are a lover of museums and parks, then visiting the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is your thing. With more than 6000 species from the marine world in the exhibition, this museum is one of the most attractive and valuable places for those who like underwater flora and fauna. To see more sea life, you can also visit the Monaco Aquarium.

Car rentals are not a problem in Monaco. A lot of agencies are active in private car transportation. They are competing to give the best services and prices to clients. Looking for a ride? Easy! Book one right from your smartphone, agencies are willing to offer you prices that start as low as 20$ per day to more than 90$ depending on the service you are looking for. For those who want to experience the privilege of a 5-star premium car rental, you can order a private limo from a luxury car rental agency to take you right from the hotel to wherever you want to go. 

Different types of tours are offered to people around the city, one of the most attractive options being the full Monaco helicopter tour, enjoying the birds’ eye view of the surrounding mountains, the sea, the harbor, and the old town. Book a helicopter charter and find the best options and prices for you to choose from. 

Among the most popular activities offered you will find boat trips in Monaco. You can take a boat trip starting from Port de Hercules. You can find many boat cruises schedules that fit your preference at different boat rental companies that will be more than happy to provide you with an enjoyable, breathtaking scenery of the Côte d’Azur and the French Riviera as well as the steep hill of Monte Carlo right by the sea. If you need a more luxurious experience, you can have a yacht tour or rent a yacht charter to sail along the sea.

Speaking of yachts, a popular and amazing show is the Monaco Yacht Show. Ever since 1991, Monaco holds a yacht showcase for the most wonderful and prestigious boats and yachts ever built and brought from all over the world to amaze you. There are a lot more events and shows held in this beautiful city like car shows, cinema festivals and so on.

In addition, this city-state hosts the prestigious Monaco Formula 1 race. The Grand Prix attracts visitors from all over the globe ever since 1929. The race takes place on in the Monaco Circuit, where locals and tourists can catch a glimpse from their balconies of the best racers in the world competing for the prize.

To sum up, it can be said that Monaco is wide open for visitors all year long, so get your own trip guide to Monaco, whether it is a private trip or not. 
Dare to enjoy the best places to visit in Monaco!

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