Nice - The capital of French Riviera

In 2018, France was the most visited country in the world, raking in roughly 89 million people and 220 billion dollars in tourist spending, making tourism one of the largest industries in the country. From the urban metropolis of Paris to the towering mountains of the French Alps, France has something to offer to everyone. But oftentimes, one of the most overlooked locations in France is Nice City, also known as Nice Ville. Located in southern France, Nice is a gem of the Mediterranean. Originally founded by the Greeks in the third century B.C., the city has since grown into a bastion of tourism for France, bringing in 5-10 million tourists every year by plane or private plane. ​

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There are dozens of reasons for the popularity of Nice, among the most popular being the beautiful Nice old town and the stunning Promenade Des Anglais, a breathtaking seaside route going along the beautiful beaches. Speaking of the beaches, Nice’s are world-renowned. With absolutely incredible azure blue water, you’ll be able to see everything when you rent a watercraft, such as a sailboat, a charter boat, or a private yacht. And if you want, you could even get a private ship. All of these things are readily available through various ship chartering services spread across the city. Similarly, water sports in Nice are extraordinary, whether it be paddle-boarding or jet skiing, you’ll be sent into a daze by the beauty of the water. But maybe renting an individual craft isn’t really your thing. Don’t worry, you’re more than covered. There are plenty of water-based touring services too. You could opt for a luxurious yacht tour, or a more practical tour boat. But in the end, whatever floats your boat is what is best for you. So whether you want to charter a nice boat, or simply sail along the French Riviera, you’ll be covered.  

But the beach isn’t the only thing attracting people to this location. The city itself offers a wonderful range of activities for visitors and going on a long holiday in Nice is the best way to take advantage of this experience. The easiest way to feel the offerings of the city is through a Nice tour, in which you will be shown some of the most beautiful sites, including the Promenade Des Anglais, Chateau Hill, and the Old Town. There are plenty of companies offering private tours and also Nice tour guides. 

One of the most famous parts of Nice is the Promenade Des Anglais, a gorgeous Oceanside route of 4.4 kilometers, going from the airport in the west to the Quai des États-Unis in the east. Whether you go along it in a rented private car or simply stroll along the sidewalk, you will be impressed. The route, known by locals as La Prom, has become a reveled part of the city, popular among all kinds of people including bicyclists and the families of the city. And you too will find yourself loving the route if you spend any time along it. 

Along with the beautiful promenade, the city of Nice is also well known for its old town. One of the best ways to see the old town is through a private tour of Nice. By taking one, you will be able to discuss about the city and all of its beauty with a local tour guide. And if a private tour isn’t really your thing, you can also take a regular tour of Nice, in which you can discover the city with a group of fellow tourists. Some tours take place as walking tours, in which you can slowly walk through the old town to experience its sights and smells. But if that isn’t really your thing, other options are still present such as a tour via a cruise car, in which you can experience the city through the window. So while walking might be best for some, if you’re in a hurry, the option to ride a car might just be the best for you.

Ground-based transportation is not the only method through which you can experience Nice. You could also rent a jet or a helicopter, so you can move throughout the French Riviera with ease. There are many different jet charter services with a variety of options available. Similarly, there is a wide variety of private helicopter options for those who wish to see the city from above. One of the most beautiful ways to view the beautiful beaches of Nice is from the sky. With that, maybe you’re not a private helicopter kind of person, but that’s okay. You could also simply take a helicopter tour with an experienced tour guide to tell you exactly what you’re looking at as you fly over Nice. 

Finally, one of the most important aspects of visiting a city is the accommodation that you choose for yourself. Nice has a wide range of beautiful hotels, but among the best are the Hotel Negresco and Le Meridien. Both of these hotels are magnificent showcases of the best Nice has to offer. The Hotel Negresco is one of the most well-known and impressive hotels in the city. Rated 5 stars, it has a wonderful ensemble of restaurants and wonderful rooms for all of the guests. Not to mention a legacy of luxury dating back to 1913. Similarly, Le Meridien Hotel is a 4 star rated hotel that offers a more modern look on Nice, with stunning beachside views and wonderful new rooms for guests to stay in. Owned by Marriott, Le Meridien will give you a welcoming and prestigious feel as you enter into the hotel’s lobby. But in the end, the hotel isn’t where you will be spending your time in the unbelievable city of Nice. So go out and enjoy all that is has to offer, go on a helicopter tour or ride around in a private car, but whatever you do, make sure to get the most out of your holiday in Nice. 

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