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Why host on FranceRent?

Whether you provide rentals, transfers, or tours, listing your service with FranceRent has several benefits. Autonomy over bookings, and the opportunity to meet guests from around the globe are just some of the many reasons to become a FranceRent host.

Earn money as a host

As a FranceRent host, you're in charge of your earnings. Manage your listings, set competitive prices, and make as much or as little income as you like with ease.

Hosting in 3 steps


List your service for free

Whichever service you’re providing; all hosts can advertise their listing on the FranceRent platform for free.


Control your bookings

FranceRent gives hosts full autonomy when it comes to managing bookings. Organize your own schedule, dictate your prices, and set your own rules for guests.


Host your first guest

Once your listing is live on FranceRent, potential guests can reach out and engage in communication. Get ready to welcome your first guest!

Payments made simple

Choose your price

FranceRent provides hosts the flexibility to create their own prices. If you need help selecting a price, we’re on hand to help analyze the local market and provide an industry estimate.

Pay low fees

FranceRent charges hosts a competitive flat rate fee of 16% for each reservation made. That way, you only pay the fee if your service is generating income.

Get paid quickly

Once a guest has booked your service, we’ll transfer all funds to the host by direct deposit. Alternate payment methods are available to suit you.

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