Mercedes 250 SL

Nice, FranceMinimum rental: 1 day

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Classic car2 seats2 doorsManualFull leather2 LuggageGasoline1970 year


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The “Pagoda” is the “SL spirit” at its maximum! Paul Bracq’s magic drawing and the 6 in line are obvious, but the most important is the unique compromise between luxury, discrecy and sportivity characterizing high-end Mercedes convertibles, the “SL Klass”, for more than 50 years… … The 250 SL is made out of the will of its engineers, who develop tirelessly new technologies in order to design the “perfect” car, the most silent, the most reliable, the safest. Our 1967 Mercedes 250 SL has already multi-port injection and power steeering; its ultra-sophisticated running gears are laid on a multitude of bushes to get this inimitable “Mercedes feeling” whose key words are softness, silence and control. But the Pagoda is also an extraordinary drawing from the French designer Paul Bracq, who has imagined (in order to give more head space to the two passengers without spoiling the line) this roof, slightly curved in its center, who will make this car become lengendary… It’s the ideal car to discover the French and Italian Rivieras, you will arrive in fine shape at each stop, and on your way everybody will admire the balance of its lines, the perfect good taste of its interior, its leathers’ quality and the refinement of its equipements On the practical side: the 6 cylinders in line of our Mercedes 250 SL is extremely reliable (it’s actually a 280 …) no problems to expect on this side ! And thanks to the multi-port injection driveability and fuel consumption are very comparable to the ones of a modern “GT”. The boot is large, the hood is perfectly tight and can be put effortlessly in a few seconds… This car is “easy”, you will at your ease in a few minutes without being a “pilot”, making it a perfect car to hire for a surprise or a wedding… Specifications : White/cream “Mercedes 050” color, “Hellroth” red leather interior, 2 seater, 1360 kilos, 6 cylinders in line 2,8 l engine (7 main bearings), 170 Bhp, 4 speed manual gearbox, assisted disc brakes all round, maximum speed : 200 km/h, “Pagoda” hard-top available on request…

Brand: Mercedes
Model: 250 SL
Body type: Classic car
Year: 1970
Colour: White
Doors: 2
Seats: 2
Gearbox: Manual
Fuel: Gasoline
Interior: Full leather
Luggage capacity: 2

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Things to know
Fuel policy: Full to full
License required: YES
Cancellation: Flexible
Security deposit: €5000 Check
Preparation time: 24 hours before
Work schedule: 9:00-18:00
Minimum rental: 1 day
Distance included/day: 125km
Extra distance fee: €2.5 / km

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